Traveling Memories Last a Lifetime


I had an idea to start a new tradition in my extended family this year.  I sent an email out to each adult and asked that everyone in their family, including kids respond.  I wanted each person to provide me with three things that were highlights of 2016 for them.  Then I would compile all the responses and make a nice document for everyone that we can look back on over the years.

Since I am a travel advisor I frequently travel for destination training.  My personal highlights of the year include all the knowledge I have gained from visiting new and changing destinations that I can share with my clients and taking my husband on a much needed relaxing vacation for his 40th birthday.  From the responses of my other family members, both adults and children, each one included family vacations as one of their most memorable times from the past year.

I’m sure if any family who has traveled together, even if it is just a short distance away, those travels will be one of the things you will take away from this past year.  We take for granted that taking the time to get away from our crazy routines and spending some quality time together is such a cherished thing.  When I think back on my childhood I don’t remember what presents I got for my birthday or Christmas, but I do remember every family vacation we took and all the milestone travels such as first flight I went on without my parents, high school senior week trip, spring breaks in college and my college graduation family vacation.    Traveling and the memories you create when on your journeys are something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

So, the next time you think “I can really use a vacation” or “My family would really enjoy some time away to reconnect” remember that traveling is one of the only things you can purchase that can make you richer.

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