Costa Rica Sunsets


One of the most memorable events I will take from our recent trip to Costa Rica was our evening ritual of watching the sunset on Hermosa Beach.  Each day around 5pm people would appear from their afternoon activities and head to the beach.  Here you can watch the surfers taking advantage of the tide and good waves as you play with the friendly dogs that wander the beach.  We would find a spot on a drift log and take in God’s glory as we sat with our friends, had a few Imperial Lights and relaxed in this peaceful setting.


While doing this one evening I thought to myself why don’t I enjoy the sunsets at home?  We don’t take the time to sit down, relax, spend time together and just let everything sink in on a regular basis.  In this day and age, we really need to slow down a bit every now and again.

A Spectacular Sunset

It’s amazing how the process of the sun going down seems to take a while, but in those last few moments it goes down so quickly and then the sky transforms into a new palate of beautiful colors.  My favorite part of the progression in the last few minutes is when all the surfers stop and just sit on their boards with their backs to the beach and look at the sky like there is some unwritten rule that no one surfs during the conclusion of the sunset.  As soon as that last speck hides behind the horizon they jump on their boards again to catch the last few waves of the evening.

On the evening of my enlightening I was happy to be surrounded by my friends and loved ones and share this experience with them.  After the sunset, it was time to feast on delicious Costa Rican cuisine, play some card games and then head to bed to wake to another beautiful day on the Pacific coast.  Life is good.  Pura Vida.


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