The Barbados-Charleston Connection


I’m sure you have heard of both Charleston, South Carolina and the eastern Caribbean island of Barbados.  But do you know about the connection between these two wonderful destinations?

Around 1625 England claimed the island of Barbados.  Due to its prime eastern location, the island became one of the most thriving English colonies with sugar and rum being their main forms of trade.  The population of land owners and servants increased with their sugar productivity. 

*Photo courtesy of the Barbados Tourism Board

*Photo courtesy of the Barbados Tourism Board

By the mid to late 1600’s some of the surplus population left Barbados for new regions.  One of those being Charles Towne, South Carolina.  Those that arrived included English emigrants, white Barbadian indentured servants, and Barbadian slaves who formed a branch of the colony of Barbados in hopes to build plantations and proceed with the thriving sugar industry they had on the island.

To some, Charleston is still considered a small Barbados.  The city layout, bright colored buildings, Charleston single homes, and cobblestone streets are all modeled after its sister colony’s capital, Bridgetown.

Many visitors who come to Charleston always go home and speak of the friendly people and hospitality.  When visiting Barbados, you will encounter the same experience. 


If you have not been to Charleston we invite you to come and explore our fine city where history and modern culture have made it one of the most sought-after destinations in the United States. 

You can visit Charles Towne Landing, now a state park, that features trails and a museum that explores the lives of the Carolina colony's first settlers during the day and enjoy some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the country in the evening. 

If you have already visited Charleston or are from the area isn’t it time to head to Barbados and see the connection for yourself?  10 million Americans can trace their ancestry to Barbados.  You might even have a Barbados connection yourself. 

*Photo courtesy of the Barbados Tourism Board

*Photo courtesy of the Barbados Tourism Board

While in Barbados you can hit the beach in the morning, go hiking in rain forests in the afternoon, and still have time for a round of golf in the early evening.  You might also enjoy some shopping, dining, nightlife and don’t forget the Friday night fish fry.

Wanderlust Travel Boutique can customize a package for your visit to Charleston or your vacation to Barbados.  Let us connect you to these two very special destinations.

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