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When planning a trip to Italy the Vatican in Rome, The David in Florence, and St. Mark's Square in Venice most often come to mind.  There is a reason travelers want to visit these sights – they’re once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  At Wanderlust, we can create a traditional journey to Italy to see these sights in a way you won’t be shuffled from one impersonal site visit to the next. 


For those looking to see a different side of the country we will immerse you in the authentic Italy -- cooking with local grandmothers, behind-the-scenes visits at family farms, biking the hills of Chianti, truffle hunting in the woods, and tasting wine in the cellar where it’s aged.

These are not activities you can arrange in a Google search or with an online booking site.  We make these unique vacations possible by partnering with the right destination experts; on-site companies that give you access to local culture and unusual experiences. 


We know that people travel to experience the world, not just to see some sights. With our help, you will discover the Italy millions of tourists never see. Really, there’s no comparison.

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At Wanderlust Travel Boutique, we will create a truly personalized, hassle-free vacation with a comprehensive itinerary so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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