Event Tickets: We've Got You Covered


At Wanderlust Travel Boutique, we are constantly trying to find new ways to elevate our clients travel adventures. 

If you are already planning a trip and want to add sports, theater, or concert tickets to your itinerary we can arrange that for you.




We can also plan a vacation based around a concert or sporting event.  This might be your favorite singers world tour, music festival, golf tournament, bowl game, tennis tournament, soccer game, racing event, or even the Olympics.  Whether it is for 2 people or 20 people we can arrange your trip from take-off to arriving home.

Contact us to see how we can take the stress away from planning a trip and provide you the best itinerary for your journey.

Whether your passion is music, culture, or sports we’ll get you to the event you want to be at.

Contact Us:

Jamie Jackson: (336) 263-1977 or jamie@wanderunique.com

Luxury Travel Advisor at Wanderlust Travel Boutique

At Wanderlust Travel Boutique, we will create a truly personalized, hassle-free vacation with a comprehensive itinerary, so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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