Aruba: One Sustainable Island


On a recent trip to Aruba I saw first-hand the sustainability efforts to make sure that locals and visitors for years to come will be able to enjoy this very special island.  Here are just a few of the current efforts to help Aruba in its goal of becoming 100 percent reliant on green energy by 2020. 

Aruba has the second largest desalination plant which means pure and free drinking water every day.  So, on your next vacation bring your own portable water container.  You will also save money by not having to buy bottled water throughout your stay.


Arikok National Park consists of nearly 20% of the island.  The park shows Aruba’s commitment to preservation.   Enjoy a hike, horseback ride, ATV or jeep adventure through the park on you next vacation.

Linear Park has just completed phase two of it’s efforts to lessen traffic.  When completed it will stretch 10 miles from the airport to Arashi beach and be the largest of its kind in the Caribbean.  The park includes bike paths, pedestrian paths and an abundance of beautiful trees.  The park will be illuminated with LED lights, significantly reducing electricity consumption.


When visiting Aruba why not think about using the Green Bike system.   It is the bike share and bike rental of Aruba. With 100 bikes at 8 stations around the islands, bikes are available to use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you are staying in Oranjestad, or just visiting for the day on a cruise the two streetcars/trolleys, offer free transportation to and from the main street downtown area in a loop with the cruise ship terminal.


Presently, 20% of energy in Aruba is generated in a wind turbine farm on the Eastern end of the island.  The island is in the process of building one of the largest solar projects in the Caribbean region, Sunrise Solar Park to expand their current energy efficiency efforts.

It is apparent that the island has current initiatives in place to protect the environment for future generations and travelers.  It is wonderful that the island is taking such a stand to care for and protect the land.

Are you read to experience a "green" Aruba? Contact Jamie, your Aruba Certified Expert (ACE) to plan your Aruba vacation.  And always remember; take only memories, leave only footprints.

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