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At Wanderlust, we work with Authentic Vacations to plan fully customized tours of the Emerald Isle.  I recently sat down with their Director of Sales, Rebekah Huie, to ask her about her favorite things in Ireland.

*Photo Courtesy of Authentic Vacations

*Photo Courtesy of Authentic Vacations

Q & A:

Q: Is there a place/town in Ireland you think everyone must visit?

A: I love the small vibe of Killarney being a walkable town but it’s big enough with plenty to see and do.  It’s also right by the Killarney National Park so for outdoor enthusiasts (such as myself) I love that I can soak up all the traditional Irish town features and then be minutes from some great hiking trails, waterfalls and active pursuits.  You can also do day trips to Kenmare and the Dingle Peninsula (a must!) easily from Killarney, which are two other places I love.

Q: Do you have a favorite tour/excursion in Ireland?

A:  My favorite tour is the Kilmainham Jail Tour in Dublin.  It is absolutely fascinating and a must-do when in Dublin.  If you like history, you will love it!  Even if you don’t like history, it’s a must.  It has become a very popular tour over the past few years and is often now sold out so be sure and buy tickets in advance!!!!

Q: What is your favorite time of year to visit Ireland?

A: Really any time April through October.  The summer months will obviously be the most busy as they are in most European destinations so I tend to stick with the spring or fall.  April/May and October are great months….plus they are often considered shoulder season by most hotels so you tend to get a break on rates as opposed to the height of the summer.

Q: What is your favorite food to order while there?

A: Any seafood dish.  The fish is so fresh and always so delicious.  Farm-to-table is not a new concept in Ireland; that’s how it has always been there and thus there is amazing fresh and very local food everywhere you go.  Those that say the Irish food is “just meat and potatoes” have clearly never been!

Q: What is your favorite drink to try?

A: Guinness of course.  I will only drink it when I’m in Ireland.  There truly is a distinct difference and nothing beats a fresh pint!

Q: What souvenir would you bring back from Ireland?

A: A nice Irish wool blanket or sweater.  There are so many unique and beautiful pieces made locally.  I have the most fabulous wool slippers and have to resist buying a new blanket every time I visit.

Q: Who would like to visit Ireland?

A: Everyone!  It’s such an easy place to get to and to travel around within, which makes it perfect for solo-travelers, couples, friends and multi-generational families.  It’s the type of place that allows you to connect with those you are traveling with and to connect with the local environment, which makes it perfect for families or a romantic getaway.

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