Nicaragua is the New Costa Rica


In the early 90s travelers took notice of the lush land and jungles of Costa Rica.  In 2017, Nicaragua is the Central American country ready to become the next must visit destination.  This little known region has a diverse ecosystem, an endless coastline, miles of rainforests, volcanic peaks with majestic views and crime is almost non-existent.

*Photo Courtesy of Big Five Tours & Expeditions

*Photo Courtesy of Big Five Tours & Expeditions

At Wanderlust Travel Boutique we work with Big Five Tours & Expeditions, a premier luxury travel company offering individualized vacations worldwide. Big Five specializes in satisfying your discriminating taste for the ultimate travel experience.

Let us put together the perfect itinerary for your trip to Nicaragua that may include discovering Nicaragua's charming colonial Granada, hiking trails along the top of Mombacho Volcano with its breathtaking views, and relishing a stay at a boutique resort on a private stretch of crescent-shaped beach. Explore nearby rainforest on hikes and while horseback riding. Other activities encompass snorkeling, diving, sailing and whale watching.

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