Tenerife is the largest of the seven islands that make up Spain’s Canary Islands.  In one small island, visitors find the climate of San Diego, the beaches and volcanic landscape of Maui, the nature of St. John, USVI, the culture of Spain, and so much more.


Just 808 miles from the Iberian Peninsula, Tenerife is a vacation paradise with diverse scenery that may be enjoyed at any time of year.  Visitors find endless activities and experiences, exquisite cuisine, traditions, culture, a safe environment, and warm hospitality.

The island’s vast array of accommodations includes brand names such as Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton and Hard Rock.  Those looking for a more personalized experience may choose from intimate boutique hotels, spa hotels or beach villas.

With a flight time of just 2 hours from Madrid, Tenerife is easier to get to than you might think.  In 2017 there are plans for two direct flights a week from JFK/NYC that will only be a 5-hour flight.

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