Packing for a Caribbean Vacation


Your travel agent (hopefully from Wanderlust Travel Boutique) did an excellent job planning your upcoming vacation.  You have your itinerary, now it is time to pack. 

Athleta clothing has become my go-to attire for traveling.  Packing is less stressful with their high-quality products that are versatile, comfortable, and easy to care for. 

I recently spent an afternoon at Athleta picking out the perfect combination of clothing you would need for a 4-day Caribbean vacation.  I highly recommend just doing a carry-on and personal item whenever you can and wanted to show you that it is possible.   With a few bathing suits, a coverup, comfortable outfits for daytime excursions/activities, and dresses for the evenings your suitcase can be packed in minutes. 


Whether you fold or roll your clothing (I do a little of both) all of these items will fit in your carry-on with room to spare for your shoes and bathroom bag.  I like to use packing cubes to separate items.  I was able to fit 3 outfits in the large cube and the bathing suits and coverup in the medium size cube. I save the smaller cube to hold my cords for all of my devices and store this in my tote bag/purse. 


I always recommend wearing your biggest pair of shoes on the plane to take up less space in your suitcase.  Don’t forget to save your Athleta store bags.  I pack one in the bottom of my suitcase to use for a pool/beach bag to store my sunblock, hat, book and phone.


Join Us:

If you are in the Mount Pleasant area please join Wanderlust Travel Boutique at Athleta on Wednesday June 14th at 5pm for their Travel In Style event.  We will be at the store to tell you about our jewels of Caribbean.  These are destinations that you might not know about, but once you hear about them you’ll be ready to book your next vacation to one of these stunning locations.  At this time, Athleta will be introducing their newest line of summer clothes and Shag Salon will be there to offer hairstyle tips for travel.  So, it’s a perfect way to find your next vacation destination and find your attire and style for your travels all in one night. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Athleta Mount Pleasant Towne Centre
1224 Belk Dr, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

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Me wearing an Athleta dress while touring the overwater bungalows at El Dorado Maroma.

Me wearing an Athleta dress while touring the overwater bungalows at El Dorado Maroma.