Why use a travel agent?


When I am introduced to a person that asks me what I do and I tell them I am a travel agent I sometimes get the response, “I did not know travel agents still exist.” 

Yes, I know you can book vacations online.  I know you can YouTube or Google how to do pretty much anything.  So, should I fix my air conditioner myself, write my own will, or create my own fitness plan at home?  No. I call my AC repair man, make an appointment with a lawyer, and mark my calendar for my Pilates classes with my instructor each week.  Why? Because they are trained in their fields and I trust in their expertise. 


With the money that people work so hard to save shouldn’t you trust that money in a vacation planner who has dedicated their career to making sure their customers have the best experiences possible?  If you just want to find the lowest ticket price online and cross your fingers that everything runs smoothly on your vacation keep in mind that Mr. Orbitz will not be responding to your emails or calls before, during and after your travel.

While at Wanderlust Travel Boutique we are a little biased on the subject, we can’t think of a single reason not to use a travel agent. We are synonymous with value. We don’t get the cheapest vacation, we make your money go the furthest. Don't just read about vacation planning from experts, trust an expert to plan your vacation.

  • We will ask the right questions to determine the perfect fit for you, and we have the connections and experience to deliver a seamless itinerary down to the smallest details.
  • We know the answers to questions you didn’t think to ask.
  • We complete the puzzle to make your travel plans work for you.
  • We know people and we spend a significant amount of time traveling to resorts and conferences to meet your hosts and create relationships with to better serve our clients.
  • We save you time. With today’s proliferation of online resources, travel forums, and extensive reviews, it takes a significant amount of time to consume and digest this information and it is difficult to discern the reliability of it.
  • We are your advocate. You are our customer for life and you are always the most important part of any equation. Our priority will always be our client's best interest.

With all this being said, my response to my new friend is always, “Why wouldn’t you use a travel agent?”

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