When planning your next Jamaican vacation and staying in the Montego Bay area there is a new excursion that allows you to channel your inner “Italian Job” character.  The one-of-a-kind excursion called Mini-Routes is offered by Island Routes and can be booked through your travel agent. 

This exciting new experience puts you in the driver’s seat as you follow behind an expert island guide to visit local spots and famous landmarks.  You have two options for this tour, daytrips to either Negril or Ocho Rios. 

*Photo courtesy of Island Routes

*Photo courtesy of Island Routes

For the Negril tour, you will journey along the beautiful north-west coast.  Along the way, you might stop and visit some local vendors, drive through historic towns, and get out to relax on the Seven Mile Beach.  You will hang out at Rick’s Café and stop at a jerk shack on your way back to Montego Bay.

On the Ocho Rios tour, you will venture along the beautiful north coast of Jamaica.  On this tour you will stop at the site where Christopher Columbus first set foot in Jamaica, explore Dunn’s River Falls, enjoy lunch at a delicious spot in Ocho Rios, and then head to see how some sweet Jamaican delicacies are made.

*Photo courtesy of Island Routes

*Photo courtesy of Island Routes

Each Mini can hold 2 to 4 guests.  There is minimum age of 2 years old, and the driver must be at least 23 years old. The tours last 6.5 hours and are held twice a week.  Advance reservations are required.

With these first-of-its-kind adventures you’ll get to See, Touch, Taste and Drive your own island experience!

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