Comparing your fitness routine to how you plan travel


A lot of people believe that they can easily plan vacations all by themselves.  I would like to show you the differences in planning a vacation yourself and what you are missing out on if you are not using a trusted travel advisor.  An effective way for me to do this is by comparing the process to a person’s physical fitness routine.  Traveling, just like your fitness regimen is important to living a healthy life.


Fitness Routine

Physical fitness is important to everyone.  I could go on for days telling you all the benefits of daily exercise.  You look better, sleep better, it combats stress, keeps you healthy and can lead to a longer life.

Here is a breakdown of 3 options to maintain physical fitness:

1.   Workout at Home

You can do research online and put together a fitness routine.  It takes a lot of time to figure out what kind of routine will work for you.  You might not even find options that would exactly work with your body and schedule.  You start the routine and at first it goes well, you see short-term results, but after a while you get in a rut and may get frustrated and quit or start from square one.

2.   Working out at a community gym

This option is often cost effective and has more options than your home.  It might not offer everything you want or need, but at least you can make do with the equipment offered.  With this routine you will have to do your research as to which exercises you should do.  Like option 1 you will see results in the beginning, but unless you adjust your routine as your body changes you will plateau at some point.  You also might not know that some exercises might not be good for your body which could lead to injury.  It is often found that if fitness is free or very cheap it is very easy to have an excuse and blow off a workout. 

3.   Joining a full-service fitness studio or having private fitness training

With this option it will cost you more money each month than the first choices.  This often makes people more accountable for their workouts and motivates them to go more often.  At a full-service gym or studio the owner will get to know you, your body, your needs, and your goals.  If you keep showing up they will do everything they can to help you achieve your desired fitness levels.  Yes, there might be ups and downs, but you have someone in your corner who wants to see you achieve your goals and once you reach those work towards new ones.


Travel Planning

Now, let’s talk about planning a vacation.  Taking vacations is very important to your overall wellbeing.  Everyone needs to try to step away from your daily life to spend more time with family, friends, loved ones, and (just as importantly) yourself.  Vacations are the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the smart devices that distract our daily lives and reconnect through the freedom of travel.  It also opens your eyes to the way other people live and might even change your perspective on how you see the world.

Here is a breakdown of 3 options to plan a vacation:

1.   Plan a vacation yourself

There is so much information on the internet, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not.  You don’t know what reviews are real and which are made up.  You can spend hours sifting through websites looking for pricing and availability.  Don’t forget to research when are good times to visit a destination and when are not.  You then need to figure out all you need to know before your departure.  And when you are traveling, and something goes wrong who do you call?  

2.   Going to a warehouse club or service organization to purchase your travel

Going to a store such as Costco or a service organization such as AARP might have some travel deals, but those deals might not be an advantage in the long run.  The vacations and packages offered are not always the trips that work best for every traveler and often the discount trips are just so the companies can make an expected number of sales.  It has nothing to do with the quality of the hotel/tour/destination.  Usually, booking through a club or service organization includes strict terms and booking conditions, and there is limited ongoing service to those clients who book through them.  There is still a lot of travel planning you will have to do on your own to prepare for your trip. And again, when you travel there is little to no assistance/guidance if needed.

3.   Using a travel advisor

Working with a travel advisor can ensure that you will get the best value, and the best options for your specific needs as no two travelers are alike and the cheapest price isn't always the best option.  A travel advisor will take care of the researching, selecting, and making changes to your reservations if needed.  Before, during and after travel the advisor is your contact for any questions or concerns.  If they don’t have the answer they will find it out for you, with no long phone wait times for you.  An advisor also thinks of things you might not have.  A travel advisor will have you check your passport to make sure it does not need to be renewed before your vacation, they will let you know what to pack, what you need to be aware of and inform you of tips and tricks for the area you are going to.  Over time your travel professional gets to know you and your family, your likes and dislikes, and they provide the human connection that makes every transaction more pleasant and meaningful. 

The Results

Live your life to its fullest extent by staying physically fit and traveling to new destinations.  I know there are lots of ways to do both, but know a travel advisor is there to provide the best service to make sure your travel experience is what you want and need. 


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