An Island Retreat With A Purpose


Every travel experience serves a different purpose. I have been on a mission to find properties in the United States and around the world for travelers looking to fulfill health and wellness goals.

I have found a gem of a property in a charming community on the coast of South Carolina called Hilton Head Health (H3).  After a vacation to this property you will go home a changed person with a game plan for living a healthy life. 


No matter where you are in your life or what goal you are trying to reach a stay at H3 will focus on fitness, healthy eating and wellness education to fit to your needs.  Reward yourself for your hard work with spa treatments, cooking classes, relaxing by the pool or taking in the beauty of the island.  Enjoy free time relaxing at the beach, going nature tours, golfing, kayaking, or taking on a sunset cruise.


Each week there are over 25 different fitness classes offered.  Treading, water fitness, yoga, Pilates, TRX, dancing, body sculpting, aerobics, cardio, conditioning, boot camp are just a few you can choose from. No matter what fitness level you are at you will be able to participate and find what types of workouts you enjoy.

You might be nervous about going to a wellness facility due to fear of being judged or feeling out of place.  From the moment you step foot in Hilton Head you will feel right at home with the staff and other guests.  And if you want to have your experience with those you came with, make new friends with other guests, or just want to focus on your goals in private at H3 everyone respects each other’s needs and wishes.


What differentiates H3 from other wellness resorts is here you will find true southern hospitality at its highest level with the staff getting to know and care for every guest.  The chefs will spoil you with their delicious healthy menus and the instructors will motivate you to reach your personal goal. 


Whether your stay is for a few days, a week or a month everything is included in your program from airport transfers to meals, classes, and accommodations.


A stay at Hilton Head Health can get you into healthy patterns and build confidence to have the ability to travel to new destinations in the future.  At Wanderlust Travel we want to help you fulfill your travel goals in life.  Let us plan your wellness retreat to help you stay on track to make your goals a reality.

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