Why Choose Small Group Travel?


The Wanderlust Team recently lead a small group trip through Ireland. We spent an incredible week traveling 700 miles throughout the country visiting different villages, getting to know the people, learning the history and making memories with 12 new friends.


What are the benefits of joining in a small group departure?

  • We use our contacts in the country of choice to put together the itinerary for the group and have everything arranged efficiently.

  • There is no planning on your part. You just pack, follow the itinerary and enjoy.

  • Some of the tours on the trip are special private events that would not be available for individual travelers.

  • Sometimes plans can change due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather. Your tour leader will make the proper arrangements to make sure your schedule is adjusted accordingly.

  • A small group allows us to secure private transfers throughout your travels. There is no need to rent cars, deal with international drivers permits, car insurance, or figure out directions.

  • This is not a school bus, or a huge motor coach, but a modern, comfortable coach that seats up to 20 guests so you can relax and enjoy the views.

  • A driver guide safely gets you to all your destinations and is also a great tool for providing commentary, history and lots of laughs throughout the trip.

  • A small group trip allows us to obtain the best rates for hotels, tours and transfers to make the price more affordable then an independent tour.

Our small group tours can be completely customized to your interests. Whether you want a classic tour or a custom theme tour, we can arrange the itinerary to suit your desires.


Examples of theme tours include:

  • Family heritage

  • Golf

  • Pubs/distilleries/wineries

  • Music

  • Photography

  • Equestrian

  • Gardens

  • Religious

  • Culinary

  • Shopping/spa getaways


If this is your first trip to Europe, Ireland is a great country for your first visit across the Atlantic, as the travel time, language and hospitality make it an easy transition for new travelers. Even seasoned travelers appreciate the ease of the transitions and would agree that the people of Ireland are truly some of the kindest and welcoming hosts to Americans.

Whether you want to travel with family, friends or members of a group/association contact Wanderlust travel to plan your journey to the Emerald Isle and beyond.


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