Soon to be bride + groom = earlymoon


Planning for a wedding is a busy time for couples. As a travel advisor I love arranging the couple’s honeymoon.  This is the time for just the two of them to relax and reminisce on the day they shared with family and friends.

With all the stress involved in the planning process of a wedding it is a great idea for the soon to be bride and groom to take a little time before their big day to reconnect.  This is known as the earlymoon.  During this getaway a couple can take a break from the wedding planning and focus on some much-needed time together. 


Whether it is an active vacation, or a relaxing one Wanderlust Travel can arrange the perfect pre-wedding vacation.  Some couples might even enjoy a stay at a wellness facility where you can take fitness classes, enjoy spa treatments and work on tightening and toning for the big day.


While weddings are landmark life events, they can often be stressful. Wanderlust Travel is here to help you relax and recharge before and after the big day.

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You already have enough on your plate let the travel experts at Wanderlust plan your earlymoon, honeymoon and even bachelor/bachelorette trips. 

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At Wanderlust Travel Boutique, we will create a truly personalized, hassle-free vacation with a comprehensive itinerary, so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience. 

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