Vienna Ball Season


Growing up I loved watching The Sound of Music.  One of my favorite parts of the movie was the ball scene when the von Trapp children sang for the first time.  I always thought it would be wonderful to get fitted in a gown and attend a ball.


At a recent travel conference, I met with the Vienna Tourism Board. While they were telling me all about the culture, history, wineries and opportunities the city has to offer my ears perked up when they mentioned ball season.

A childhood fantasy combined with my adult wanderlust now has me longing for a trip to Austria.

Vienna is not only the capital of Austria, but also the world’s ball capital. Year in and year out around 450 ball events take place in the city, from elegant traditional occasions to rollicking carnival parties. Whether it’s to Viennese waltz music or more contemporary sounds, there’s more than 2,000 hours of dancing to enjoy during the Viennese ball season with the peak being January and February.


The country of Austria allows travelers to explore it’s artistic and intellectual legacy along with architectural delights of palaces and summer homes.  Whether a visit to just Austria or combining it with Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia or even Croatia we can create a custom itinerary to explore Central Europe.

But for now, I want to focus on an experience we can create for ball season:

  • Luxury hotel stay

  • Private Viennese waltz lessons

  • Renting a ballgown/tuxedos

  • Hair and make-up artist appointments

  • Photo shoot

  • Horse-drawn carriage to pick you up from the hotel

  • Dinner reservations in a deluxe restaurant

  • Tickets to attend a dancing ball


As the song says “Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, ’til you find your dream.”

If you have shared this dream let’s start planning your travels to Vienna.

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