Wellness Golf at Chablé Resort & Spa Yucatán


Wellness travel keeps evolving. Resorts continue to offer new ways to enhance one’s sense of wellbeing.

Chablé Resort in Mexico's Yucatán is putting health in full swing with the debut of a Wellness Golf program. 


Golf is the closest game to the game we call life, and this new concept is meant to provide a relaxed approach to ‘the game of life’ for both beginners and golf enthusiasts.

Wellness Golf at Chablé encourages guests to expand beyond the mental and physical aspects and connect to the game on a spiritual, emotional and environmental level.  The idea is to re-learn golf not by following the rules of the sport, but by following the rules of nature and involve all the senses in order to be in the moment.


Guests will enjoy a laid-back style of barefoot golf that allows you to begin and end a round at any point on the course that features nine tee boxes spanning up to 200 yards in distance, four unique greens with two or three pins and multiple hazards. Distinct shot angles and values, in tandem with the serene environment, will create a challenging, yet relaxing experience for all to enjoy.


In a statement, Rocco Bova, General Manager at Chablé said, "The idea behind Wellness Golf is to create a unique space at Chablé for guests to further connect with the natural elements while enjoying one of the most popular pastimes in the world.”

The key to golf is to slow down and focus.  Chablé has taken this mindset and designed an environment for guests to enjoy the beauty of the lush Mayan forest and play the game of golf without the competition, shoes, or formal golf attire.  To me that sounds like a fun and stress-free wellness activity, and not to mention a packing dream!


Contact Wanderlust Travel Boutique to learn more about Chablé Resort, a five-star spa retreat spread across 750 acres on Mexico’s famed Yucatán Peninsula.  With 36 spacious casitas and 4 villas with options of 2 or 3 bedrooms, a world-class spa with its own cenote, acclaimed executive chef Jorge Vallejo overseeing the organic seasonal cuisine, the world’s largest private tequila collection and now the first wellness golf course this luxury wellness retreat is a hidden gem that we hope to share with you.

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*Wellness Golf images provided by Chablé Resort