"Wellness" is a Buzz Word


“Wellness” is definitely a buzz word in travel and other industries, and for good reason.
There is no possible way for humans to maintain health or sanity living at the pace we are at.

Our technology and devices allow us to be accessible 24/7. We need to have a divide between work and personal life and too many people are having a hard time finding that balance. 

Cue, wellness travel.

While this can mean many things, a travel advisor like myself is there to listen to what you are looking for in your travel needs and match you with the right destination and property to fit your travel goals.


My idea of wellness travel is that people are so busy in life they must take time to get away from the work and day-to-day responsibilities.  When you go on vacation you don't necessarily want to get rid of your fitness and nutritional routine. Why? Because when you workout and eat well you feel good.  When you go home from a vacation after not keeping up any of your routine you feel like a failure.


Properties that offer wellness allow guests the opportunity to relax and recharge while being able to take care of themselves. There might even be some new wellness opportunities guests have not tried before or want to treat themselves too, such as spa appointments, new classes or personal training.

For those that don't have a day-to-day routine of exercising and eating healthy, going to a wellness hotel/resort helps them reboot and find what activities and foods they like, so when they go home they can make changes to their lifestyle to follow these new steps.


Equinox Hotel, New York City

On a recent visit to New York City I got to tour the brand-new Equinox Hotel within the Hudson Yards neighborhood on Manhattan's West Side.  While Equinox is known for their luxury fitness clubs, in the next few years you will see more Equinox Hotels, as they plan to expand to Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Chicago, Seattle, and Houston.

Based on the same holistic philosophy as their fitness clubs, Equinox Hotels promises a high-performance setting to support a healthy lifestyle for both business travelers and leisure guests.


Every one of the 212 rooms are a dark, quiet, and cool oasis designed to promote better sleep with soundproofed walls and blackout shades.  Each room comes with a foam roller, yoga mat, blocks and straps, and a media library for streaming a series of stretches.  Instead of a minibar, Equinox calls theirs a room bar with 70 healthy food and drink options and includes additional offerings such as magnesium-based sleep supplements, face masks, and massage oil.


Once rested, guests will have 24-hour access to the Equinox Fitness Club with equipment, classes, two pools, and spa that is anything but traditional with cryotherapy chambers and an infrared sauna.

Nutrition also plays a major role at the Equinox Hotel. The signature restaurant, The Electric Lemon, by Restaurateur Stephen Starr serves ingredient-driven seasonal American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while The Broken Coconut, is a breakfast bar with quick and healthy options for those on the go.

As your Virtuoso travel advisor our guests will receive additional benefits when we arrange your stay at this brand-new wellness property.


Available now through 31 December 2019

Choose one of the exclusive extras below to be combined with Virtuoso amenities:

  • Additional US$100 spa credit, per stay

  • Complimentary personal training session at Equinox Fitness Club

  • Two complimentary SoulCycle classes with swag


  • Upgrade at time of booking, if available

  • Early check-in and late checkout, if available

  • Continental breakfast daily for two

  • US$100 hotel credit, once per stay

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Complimentary airport transfer for Suite reservations of two nights or longer

  • Complimentary private helicopter airport transfer for Equinox Suite reservations of two nights or longer


Many travelers want to go on vacation to be inspired, to take care of themselves, and to grow intellectually and spiritually.  The Equinox Hotel is just one example of what the wellness travel world has to offer to fit different travelers needs.  Contact Wanderlust Travel to plan your much-needed wellness getaway.

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