Why use a travel advisor?

While we are a little biased on the subject, we can’t think of a single reason not to use a travel advisor. We are synonymous with value. We don’t get the cheapest vacation, we make your money go the furthest. Don't just read about vacation planning from experts, trust an expert to plan your vacation.

Why choose Wanderlust Travel Boutique?

We will ask the right questions to determine the perfect fit for you, and we have the connections and experience to deliver a seamless itinerary down to the smallest details.

  • We know the answers to questions you didn’t think to ask. Your friends have dazzled you with tales of their latest adventure and you have a first-hand recommendation from someone whom you know and trust. But their perfect resort is not your perfect resort. A travel advisor will ask you dozens of questions about your personal preferences and tailor your vacation to meet those expectations. Most vacations are going to be pleasant and enjoyable, but we will create a once-in-a-lifetime experience tailored just for you.

  • We complete the puzzle. You may have found the perfect resort, but we can help you navigate the maze of room categories, confusing flight schedules, and transportation. You may have found a great price on a flight, but we know you’ll never make the short connection in a busy airport or that the free airport transfer will take hours and stop at four resorts before delivering you to your destination.

  • We know people. Our profession is about cultivating relationships and we spend a significant amount of time traveling to resorts and conferences to meet your hosts. We make certain they know you are a valued customer and not just another reservation number. No one person can be an expert on every destination, and we know whom to partner with for the best local, insider itineraries. We pair your unique personality with our partner’s unique knowledge of the destination to create the trip-of-a-lifetime.

  • We save you time. With today’s proliferation of online resources, travel forums, and extensive reviews, customers are more educated than ever before. But it takes a significant amount of time to consume and digest this information and it is difficult to discern the reliability of it. You can spend a short amount of time with us and communicate what is most important to you, and we will present you with accurate, concise information about the best options for your next vacation.

  • We are your advocate. You are our customer for life and you are always the most important part of any equation. Our priority will always be our client's best interest. The resort, airline, or cruise operator’s business will never take precedence over you. We monitor local conditions, renovations, and management and will make any necessary adjustments to your travel itinerary before you travel. If there are any problems during your travel experience, we have a full arsenal of options ready to save your vacation.

We charge a fee because we are experts in our field and our advice is valuable. Whether you choose to book your vacation experience with us or go it alone, you will have gained valuable planning insight working with us. We pride ourselves on working with every hotel, supplier, and vendor regardless of commission structure. You are our customer and our only priority.

Why do you charge a fee?

Our customized itineraries are the foundation of your travel package. Not only will your basic travel components including transportation, cruise/resort/hotel reservations, and activities be detailed in an easy to read document, but we will also provide the Wanderlust difference. Whether you need an excursion or private beach club not offered by a cruise line, a list of romantic eateries in Paris, or a custom self-guided tour of the Ring of Kerry, we create your custom itinerary so your experience is unique and effortless. Packing lists, local history, shopping and restaurant guides, and more are part of your dream itinerary. We will discuss your vacation priorities and customize an itinerary to answer all your questions and plan for every activity important to you.

Do you provide customized itineraries?

Getting there is always half the fun! But maybe not on a twenty-hour flight. Our team is ready to make your transportation experience as hassle-free as possible. We work with a variety suppliers for the widest range of options available so you never are forced to rely on one cruise line or tour company’s solution. We can arrange:

  • Transportation to and from the airport from your home

  • Rental cars (including long term European or one day Caribbean)

  • Flights (domestic and foreign)

  • Reservations at exclusive airport clubs around the world

  • Private car service or limousine transfers

  • Rail (domestic and foreign)

  • Walking, bike, car, or bus tours

  • Ferry service

Can you arrange for all our transportation needs?

Travel insurance may be the least exciting part of your vacation experience, but it is arguably the most important. Travel insurance is critical for reasons beyond insuring your vacation investment. There are a wide variety of options available to fit every need and budget. We work with multiple private companies and tour operators to offer you the widest selection of policies and pricing. We can always provide a portfolio of products to fit our client’s unique needs.

Do you provide options for travel insurance?

Your wish is our command! Tickets to a Broadway show, restaurant reservations, a bottle of your favorite wine waiting for you on arrival, or a photographer to capture a treasured moment can all be arranged. No request is too small or too big and every effort will be made to provide you an adventure to exceed your wildest expectations. 

Can you help us arrange a special surprise?

We have a large inventory of private homes and villas around the world. We work with reputable and professional suppliers to ensure your private villa experience is exactly as advertised. Our suppliers have a large inventory to draw upon if there is an unexpected issue with a residence so your vacation is never in jeopardy. If you have ever been nervous to book a direct owner rental, but wanted the unique destination experience a private residence can offer, contact us today to make your dream a reality.

Can you help us with a private villa or apartment?

Is an all-inclusive resort right for me?

All-inclusive resorts can evoke images of loud poolside games, bland restaurants, and bad wine, but we offer a wide variety of gourmet, luxury all-inclusive resorts designed to cater to the most discerning travelers. From small boutique properties with a handful of rooms to expansive properties designed to delight you with a different international dining experience nightly, all-inclusive is the new way to experience hassle-free luxury.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Flexible Independent Travel! We hate the idea of sitting on a bus full of tourists more than anyone so we will work with you to create a unique, private tour of the countries you choose to explore.

We don't want an escorted tour. Can you arrange a unique experience just for us?

Yes, but we do not book all cruise lines. We believe some cruise lines are not the best fit for our client base so we do not invest in training with Carnival or Royal Caribbean. We pride ourselves on our client advocacy, and we realize we cannot dedicate our resources to every cruise line in the industry. We can assist you with mid-ship modern luxury cruise lines, domestic and international river cruises, themed cruises, and boutique yachts with low cabin counts and guest-to-staff ratios.

Do you book all types of cruises?

Rail is taking the travel world by storm. Experience a truly unique visual perspective of mountain vistas, glassy lakes, and European countryside while enjoying travel from a by-gone era. Let us guide you through the exciting world of rail travel and say goodbye to the inconvenience of driving through unchartered territories.

Will I be comfortable on a train?

We don't just plan Charleston, we live it. Where else would two world travelers choose to live? It deserves its reputation and it is the only place that can hold us at home. We love exploring the hotels, restaurants, and sights of our hometown and nothing gives us greater happiness than to share a little southern hospitality with our clients. Trust us to create a delightful Charleston getaway tailored just for you.

Why should I choose you to plan our getaway to Charleston?

Imagine pulling the bow on a box and discovering your dream itinerary. Dive into the details of an adventure to take you away from the responsibilities of your everyday existence. We take a few key details from you and craft the perfect surprise experience. You will discover a destination and itinerary in your Wanderlust Box two days before you are set to depart for a magical adventure. The perfect gift for the loved one that has everything!

What is the Wanderlust Box?

What is Virtuoso?


Virtuoso is an invitation only network of vetted travel partners (advisors, hotels, cruise lines & tour companies) that must maintain a standard of excellence to be a part of this highly regarded network. Virtuoso provides members training and global connections that allow us to offer clients best in class travel with exclusive benefits.

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